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Take a look at any of our products - Voguish Combo , Terse Work Table, Utileco Serving Trolley, Rejig Chair Ladder, Elate, Pulcro Stools,  Beliche Bed, and all others - each of them has been designed keeping three things in mind: how they can save space for you how do I make them multi functional are they aesthetically at par with the style and elegance of your lifestyle We understand that in today’s world, space is the most expensive estate in our life and the better we manage it, the better it is for us to have a more efficient, smart and peaceful living. From the wall bed that folds up in the day time to free up space for your kids to study or play or becomes a sofa in the evening for accommodating more guests at home, to a folding chair which doubles up as a ladder, an extendable book / corner shelve, a center table that is also a storage space for sundry living room stuff, a space saving study table that can be extended or folded as required,
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5 Tips to De-clutter Your Living Space:

The idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff sounds attractive to many. However, many begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated around the idea of decluttering their homes. That’s too bad. The decluttering journey doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be. In fact, there are a variety of people who have come up with some pretty fun, creative ways to get started. Tip 1 Give away one item each day: Make a plan to give away one item each day for the next 365 days. Over the next several years, you shall experience quite a transformation by simply reducing your stuff one day at a time. Tip 2 Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. Do not set aside an ENTIRE day to organize your WHOLE house. Very few people have the energy and/or focus to spend 8 hours organizing. You'll likely become frustrated and less efficient as the day progresses. It's much better to spend a few hours — 2 or 3 — on one project or space. Thi

Why Mod-Bit?

Mod-bit is not about “modifying” just a “bit” of how you live, but about the total transformation on how you approach living on a daily basis. That means we take our work very seriously, spending many long hours at our customers’ space to experience, observe, learn and understand how you use your home spaces.  Post such extensive research, we use our analytical and design thinking capabilities to create furniture that’s multi-functional, smart, and chic while giving them an attribute of invisibility as and when required. Each of our product is a result of understanding how they would enhance your living making it efficient. At Mod-bit:        We give You More Space within the Same Space The Mod-Bit Furniture are Multi-functional The Mod-Bit Furniture are Chic, Stylist and made to suit your personality The Mod-Bit Furniture use colours that enhance your lifestyle 1.       

The Space within Space

Have you ever experienced that while walking into two separate yet same sized apartments / houses one looks more spacious or bigger than the other? Yes! Same sized houses can appear to have more space or less depending on how one has organised it. One of the smartest and easiest ways to do this is to use multipurpose furniture. We believe that space management in every house is crucial, and the most important aspect is identifying the areas which are unused or can be put to multiple uses. At Mod-Bit, we offer you space within your space through our futuristic furniture designed based on ethnographic research – or the study of how people live. Our mission is to completely change the way the furniture is defined at the moment. Furniture that completes a home, has to be elegant, utility based, functional, multi-purpose and worth every single penny spent on it. Follow our blog; we shall be sharing some of our ideas as well as our furniture to make your living easy, happy an